Product Information Management (PIM)


What is PIM?

PIM is an acronym for Product Information Management is a central hub for all your product information. With a PIM system in place, you can effectively manage, enrich, and publish product information through whichever sales channel you desire.

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Why PIM?

By centrally storing all product information in a PIM system, you save both time and money! There are many advantages to utilizing PIM in your company. Here, we list some of the most important benefits that you can gain.

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Waaraan PIM koppelen

Difference PIM vs ERP

Many companies believe they can manage all their product information with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). In practice, however, this can prove to be less effective depending on your purposes. Essentially, ERP is intended for financial processes, whereas PIM is geared more toward sales-oriented content.

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Connect PIM

All of your product data is stored centrally within a PIM system. When you connect the right business software to PIM, you gain the ability to automate processes and shorten your “time to market.” But the question remains, which business systems should you connect to PIM in order to make the most optimal use of the system?

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PIM en datapools

PIM, jouw redding in productdatabeheer!

PIM and Data Pools

Very little is locally sourced: suppliers are often located in several different countries, and your products are sold in a number of markets around the world, with each sales outlet having their own language. How do you make certain that all your product data is correct? Make a connection with data pools!

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PIM, your lifeline!

Do you have a multitude of products, each with their own different variants? Perhaps there are seasonal versions, all of which come from diverse suppliers? Perhaps you have multiple points of sale but have yet to utilize PIM, or you’re not entirely sure how to manage all the product information you have. PIM can be your lifeline!

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